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Review:   Furniture Refinishing Service.

Most of our furniture upholstery customers are between Portland and Seattle/Tacoma. 

Now for the reviews:

5 years ago they upholstered and repaired an antique sofa and have replaced foam an re-upholstered other furniture.

Very well. Professional, informative and at a good price. they do almost exclusively commercial upholstery and can make waiting room chairs, church pews, doctor's exam tables, etc. more comfortable and look better than new at a lower price than new.

They were always prompt, calling us when they were on their way and I learned so much! I had no idea there were different grades of foam chairs. Another company I called had a lower price, but after talking to Commercial upholstery, I could go back and found out the reason for the lower price was an inferior foam that would break down in a shorter period of time. I would rather pay a little more upfront and get the quality and not have to pay to have it done all over again too soon!.