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Commercial Upholstery Services offers complete furniture restoration services for both institutional and commercial concerns. Commercial Upholstery Services specializes in recycling furnishings and keeping serviceable furniture out of landfills. We also work closely with internationally acclaimed designers to build custom furniture and built-in seating as well.

With the earth's dwindling resources and limited capacity to accommodate ever increasing amounts of trash, it makes sense to GO GREEN! We offer lines of fabrics made from recycled materials and can even provide foam made from renewable feedstock.

We upholster chairs, sofas, theater seats, and seating for hospitals, hotels, banks, church pews as well as restaurant booths, and banquettes. Additionally we make custom drapes and curtains and recover office panels.

Commercial Upholstery Services can help you provide the perfect space for you and your customers. We will support you throughout the entire process, from fabric selection to furniture design to performing work at times least likely to interfere with your work . Don't leave anything to chance. Get it right the first time!

Call Commercial Upholstery Services now to schedule a free initial consultation.

Portland, OR:  503-771-4145           or        Puget Sound: 253-347-6071         



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